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When looking for a good restaurant, gite or hotel, according to Google, one of the most popular key words that people include in their internet search is ‘review’ – as people like to know what other people think of a place before they book.  I’m sure you’ve done it yourself too?  But it’s not just tourism or leisure-based businesses that get reviewed – and can take advantage of those reviews!

Good testimonials are one of the most powerful ways to promote any business, product or service. Here are some tips on how to collate reviews and then get those reviews ‘seen’ to help market your business.

Collate Reviews

1. If you have a tourism-based business keep a ‘comment’ book for your guests and ask them to fill it in before they leave – particularly if you know they’ve had a great time.  (Of course, even if they weren’t completely happy, you can use their comments to improve your services – if the comments are justified of course!)

2. If your business is linked to TripAdvisor, ask your guests to leave a comment there too – and if you’re not linked – get linked!  And always respond to guests’ comments – whether good or bad.

3.  Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn are great places to collect and show-off your reviews.  The best time to ask a client to review your product or service is very soon after they have bought from you – while they remember it and are still enthusiastic 🙂

Get your best reviews seen

So how do you get your best reviews seen by your potential customers?

The best way is with a short and simple video!  Why? 

1. People love watching videos and they are now easy to make and share AND

2. Google loves video too! A ‘review’ video is much more likely to get to Page 1 of Google than a text-based review  – and, of course, as you’re making the video (or having it made for you), you get to pick the best reviews that you want to get seen!

3. As well as the text-based reviews, you can include photos and/or videos of your business in your video – of you (to personalise it) – and of course your contact details.  There are many free and simple programs to create your video – such as Animoto (free if you don’t mind their logo on your video) which offers a ‘drag and drop’ facility plus options to add music and text.  If you want to try your hand at editing, Windows MovieMaker is a good option for PC users and Macs come with iMovie – which is excellent.  This example of a simple 30 second video we produced has been very successful for Pomport Beach Campsite:

Or type “Pomport Beach Campsite Review” into Google and you’ll see it on Page 1.  At the time of writing, it’s the only video that appears on page 1 for this search, so it stands out – making it more likely that people will click on it – and then be re-directed to your website.

How to use reviews to market your business

1. Once created, you can upload your video directly to your Facebook business page and start sharing it from there, making sure you use hashtags in your post.  If you register with Google Adwords, you can create Facebook adverts and ‘Boost’ your ad, using their sophisticated targeting algorithms to get your video seen by specific audiences.  For example, you can target a specific age group in a specific country – or even town! You can target people who have a certain income, work for a certain company, like certain types of holidays, are about to get married and who love pizza and red wine (for example)  The targeting can be extremely fine-tuned!

2. If you have a Youtube account you can upload and optimise your video there, making your video searchable on Google (videos are harder to find within Facebook – even with hashtags)  If you read one of my recent blogs on where to share your videos  you’ll know that Google now owns Youtube and this is why Google likes to present at least one Youtube video on its first page – if there is one appropriate to the search – so why not (with good SEO) make it your video that appears there?

3.       If you don’t want to create your own video, our ‘Review Video’ package starts at €249.00 and includes the creation of one video (maximum 1 minute duration) using your photos and guest comments plus music.  The video, which we can link back to your website, will be uploaded to our Youtube channel  and optimised for search engines which will increase its chances of being easily found on Google.  We will also provide you with a video file ready for you to upload to your Facebook business page, from where you can share it. Plus it can be shared across any other social media platforms that you’re on.

I strongly recommend that you take advantage of this powerful way of marketing your business and maximise on those reviews.  Get in touch at to arrange a time to chat about how our ‘Review video’ service can benefit your business. Or to keep up-to-date with what we’re doing at VideoProFrance just click on the icons below to follow us.
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Joanna has been an independent video producer since 1991 and specialises in helping small businesses to take advantage of the power of video.