What do John Lewis, M&S, Coca-Cola and your business have in common this Christmas ?

Whilst people everywhere (well, some people) have been eagerly waiting for John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Coca Cola etc to release their Christmas TV commercials (which they have been planning for at least a year now!), what are you doing to plan and take advantage of the marketing opportunities that Christmas offers for every business who has clients – or would like more clients? If you haven’t seen any of them yet, here’s John Lewis’s advert for this Christmas to get you into the spirit:

Having had a lot of success (and fun), in previous years, using video marketing at Christmas for my own business, VideoProFrance (see last year’s video below) – albeit not with the same budget as the advert above 😉 – I thought that this year I would offer a couple of animated Christmas advert packages to fellow business owners – i.e. you – partly to add some Christmas cheer to your business and your clients – and partly to give you a taste of what it’s like to use affordable, professional video marketing, especially if you haven’t used this powerful medium before.

And if you like stats, take a look at these:

Enjoyment of video ads increase purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%

33% of all online activity is spent watching video

65% of people visit a business’s website and 39% call a business after viewing a video

36% of online consumers trust video ads

As it will be short (10-15 seconds) your video will be perfect for directly uploading to social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest – and boosting it to a targeted audience. I will supply you with the video format required for easily uploading to all social media sites.  Of course you can also include it on your website and in your newsletters too!

So how does it work?

  • I will give you three designs to choose between. All you need to do is send me a good copy of your logo plus payment via Paypal
  • Package 1 – prices start at 75 Euros for businesses who feel they already know about video marketing and just want the video.
  • Package 2 – prices start at 140 Euros for those who don’t know where to start but are excited to try, so need some support with their social media strategy.  I will include instructions (and a helpline) on how to share your message via social media – as there’s no point in having a pretty Christmas message if no-one gets to see it . . .! ? Because your Christmas message / advert will be targeted and sparkly ;-), when your video is eagerly watched, I will also advise you how to make sure your viewers can easily go to your website and/or follow your ‘call to action’ with a clickable link on your social media post. That is the whole point of video marketing – it’s not just about having a video – it’s about getting it seen – and also getting people to be interested in what your business is offering – and, of course, to contact you!
  • And again, if you just want the Christmas video with your logo then the fee for Package 1 is only 75 euros.

Getting your Christmas advert SEEN !

OK, so your Christmas advert won’t be going out on TV alongside all the big brands, such as Coca-Cola, who are paying millions to get their brands seen (yes, millions) but it will go out via a medium (the internet) where you can specifically target your ideal clients – especially if you use – or want to try out – Facebook advertising.  If you target your audience well, you don’t need to spend much to be able to start seeing the results; If you want to have a go with Facebook ads, I recommend budgeting to spend about 3 Euros per day to start with and then adjust your targeting and budget according to what the statistics tell you. (If you haven’t used Facebook’s targeted marketing services yet, this is a great opportunity to try it out – be warned, you might get hooked when you see the results! 🙂 ).

In fact, the chances are that it’s thanks to Facebook’s targeting that you arrived here! 🙂

See? It works! And can work for your business too!

One of the main reasons I am offering this combined package of creating a video and helping you to get it seen is that it will give you an opportunity to try out video marketing on a small – but effective scale – and cost-effectively too. And remember, people need to see a brand 6 or 7 times before they register it in their minds – so your animated Christmas advert will be part of building up your brand!

So, if you would like to join me in getting into the Christmas spirit (I know it feels early but it really isn’t) – and adding some sparkle to your social media feeds etc, whilst promoting your business at the same time – then contact me before the 30th November – as you will need plenty of time to share your festive advert!

Joanna Urwin videoprofrance

I’m Joanna Urwin – I have 25 years of experience in video production and marketing so, any questions . . . just ask and I’ll do my best to answer.







Contact me today by email: joanna@videoprofrance.com , and I will send you three Christmas designs to choose between. Once you have chosen your advert’s design, send me your logo and (and payment via PayPal) and Santa’s elves will do the rest 🙂