Selling properties with video is NOT the future – it’s here and it’s NOW!

With so many houses currently on the market, success relies on more than the way you present your property for those that come through the door – you need to get them to come to your door in the first place – and nothing works better to make a potential buyer get in the car – or even on a plane!! – to see your property, than an engaging video.

Successfully selling properties online (image © highwaystarz)

Your first aim when selling a property is to make it stand out – and attract the interest of as many potential buyers surfing the net as possible, and then maintain their attention so that they consider your home as a possible candidate, rather than simply moving on to the next property appearing in their search. A property video will achieve both of these initial goals.

Popular in the US and the UK, home-buyers are starting to expect to see a video rather than a few static photos and some text. Using video to market properties, whether through an estate agent or privately, is the way forward. Being a relatively new way of marketing property means that having a video will make your property stand out from the rest.

A property video can say so much more and add that personal touch that helps buyers to remember a home. And, unlike other forms of advertising, it can really highlight the lifestyle that living in your home will bring, particularly with respect to its location and local amenities. Video can demonstrate the flow of your home, as well as capture emotionally appealing images, offering value to the potential buyer. Ask yourself, ‘Why did I buy this home and what first stood out to me?’.  Perhaps you have since renovated your home and there are new and special features? We will make sure to include all the best selling points in your tailor-made, narrated video.

However, even the most well-made videos are useless unless potential buyers can actually find them! A strong SEO ranking on heavily populated search engines will help ensure they are seen. Google, in particular, ranks Youtube videos much higher than other forms of media such as blogs and websites – as Google owns Youtube – so they have a vested interest! When videos are properly site-mapped, tagged, titled, subtitled and indexed, they are 53 percent more likely to achieve a ‘first page ranking’ than other types of media. It’s important to capture, through tagging, titles and video description, what buyers are ‘googling’ for and that’s where good SEO and keyword research comes in – a service that we provide along with video production.

Homes that include a video get a greater ‘click rate’ on property portals like Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation. Video is also shared on social networks far more than other forms of media, which means the video tour of your home will be quickly found by an increasing number of house hunters via sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Viewers spend more time focusing on properties with a video. Estate agents have found this increases physical viewings, whilst reducing the number of time wasters who aren’t suitable for your home.  In fact 75% of the properties for which we have produced a video have sold within three months!

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 14.00.13One client, Scott Pearson, who chose to present his property himself on video, had this to say about how effective the video we made for him was in selling their home:

“I love the video of house, it’s a great souvenir of our time there and I’m so pleased we had it done professionally by VideoProFrance. It was, of course, primarily a significant aid in selling. However it worked in three ways for us; firstly it helped qualify interested buyers so that we didn’t have agents and house hunters wasting our time or theirs. We insisted that agents show the video to prospective purchasers before they came to view in person. Secondly it made us stand out from the crowd, not just because video is better than pictures but because it was professionally done it was objective, impressive, short and sharp and holds the interest of anyone serious. Thirdly, what we found with the family that finally bought was that they’d sold to themselves before they visited; they’d watched the video multiple times and asked friends and family for their views too. Finally because of the level of interest generated (1400+ video views) we sold at our asking price!  Simply put, I know that without this professional video we wouldn’t have sold at the price we did.”

Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, we can’t publish videos of sold properties but here are links to two of our featured videos for  properties that have recently come onto the market:

So, whether you are selling your home privately or through an estate agent, make sure a professionally produced and narrated video is included within your strategy for selling your home quicker – and at a better price!  Contact us today to find out more.

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