How Allez Francais property agents are making the most of video

Peter Elias, joint founder member of Allez Francais, had heard that by putting a video on your website’s landing page, the chances of your site being found on the first page of a Google search would dramatically increase and so he thought this made good business sense and he called me.

I confirmed his thinking and explained that Google loves anything to do with video – especially as they also own Youtube!! so his feelings were founded!  I also explained all the other advantages of having a professionally produced video (you can read more about the benefits here:

Allez Francais videoAfter receiving my written proposal of how a video could, in particular, help Peter’s business and how I would produce the video and what the costs would be, Peter called me to confirm that he would like to go ahead and we arranged a time to meet up to discuss his business in more detail.

As we all lived some distance away from each other, the rest of the pre-production and planning mainly took place via email.

Firstly, from information I gained at our first meeting, I sent Peter a written script of how the video would actually look and sound, including a description of the music and graphics that would be used, plus all the set-ups that I would need to film. After some minor amendments to the script we decided on a filming day in October, as Peter wanted all his team to be involved – so that took a bit of co-ordinating!

We were very lucky with the weather on our filming day – blue sky and no clouds!! But there was a lot to shoot in one day so everything was planned virtually to the nearest minute!!

Peter had also heard that the duration of a video should not exceed two minutes – and yes, there is a ‘rule of thumb’ circulating that videos should be kept short and sweet as people’s attention spans have diminished since the days when the ‘rule of thumb’ was 7-8 minutes, which was when I produced corporate videos for companies like Nissan and Siemens between 10 and 20 years ago. How things have changed now that we have the internet!!

However (!!!!), if your content is interesting and informative, then you will keep your viewer longer than two minutes – so the key is in the content! And there was a lot to say about Allez Francais that was interesting . . .!  Watch the video here:

From the statistics we can get from Youtube, we can see that the majority of viewers watch to the end of Allez Francais’ video – so this confirms to us that the content is interesting and useful to the viewer.

It took a total of four full days to edit all the material I had filmed and to create the graphics, choose the music and record the voice-over. As the video had been so well planned and corresponded to the approved script (the most important part of any production!) the resulting video only needed a couple of tweaks before Peter and his team approved it for uploading to Youtube – the second most popluar search engine after Google. But it doesn’t finish here . . .

There is no point in producing and uploading a video to Youtube if you don’t ‘optimise’ it well – otherwise how will it ever be found amongst the 100 hours of videos uploaded to Youtube every minute?? If you don’t optimise your video well, it’s like going to all the effort of designing and printing a brochure and then keeping it in your office drawer – where only you know where to look for it! This is where our skills come to the fore – we make sure your video gets seen!

As well as being ‘searchable’, Peter now shares the video to his potential clients via Facebook, email and his Google+ page; the more it is shared, the higher Google ranks it and the quicker Allez Francais can be found on the world wide web!  He is also getting great feedback about the video and is recommending the owners of properties for sale to have a video made too!