Camera shy? How to make video work for you and your business

So you already know that a well-made video on your own website’s landing page and on Youtube (the second most popular search-engine after Google) is going to help your business by increasing awareness and increasing the chances of your business being found on the internet etc BUT you don’t know where to start and you hate the idea of being on camera!!

I don’t like being on camera, so I know what you feel like, but I have helped over a thousand people over the years to feel more at ease in front of the camera – whether they are presenting directly to camera – or being interviewed. When I produce a video where I am ‘on-camera’ I get a much better response. People know immediately who they are talking to and feel more comfortable contacting me – and those people that don’t like me don’t contact me so no-one is wasting their time 😉

marketing-animationBeing ‘on camera’ doesn’t need to be ‘perfect’ – just natural – authentic.  Everyone knows you’re not a Newsreader – they just want to get to know you as a person and business owner – and feel whether they could buy from you – or work with you. Video is excellent for this! These days it’s easy to practise at home with your smartphone so have a go before discounting it altogether and if you want some help you could always come to my studio near Bergerac, where I can show you how to film yourself and where I can guide you, make you feel comfortable and look your best.

Sometimes, however, a video shouldn’t be ‘presented to camera’ at all. Depending on the subject matter, it’s more appropriate to have a scripted, professionally recorded voice-over talking about your service or product in an objective but ‘endorsing’ way – a bit like a TV documentary. If appropriate we can then intersperse the narration with video clips of you and/your team members and customers – to further endorse your business.
However, depending on what your product or service is, it might actually better to have a ‘graphic / photo’ – based video produced – here are some examples . . .

An explainer video, such as the Shopro one above using animation and graphics, can quickly get across the features and benefits of what you offering in an often entertaining way.

There are many ways that a video can achieve your objectives and that’s where I can advise you right from the start by getting to know your business and your objectives. In fact, I spend more time getting to know your business and planning the shoot than actually filming!! Planning and research is the most important part of a video production, making it more cost-effective for you.  Contact me now for a 30 minute free consultation of how video can help your business: